Monday, October 21, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover

Since being in the new house, I've mainly focused on the front rooms you see when you first walk in: dining room and living room. Luckily, Ollie's room was in ok condition in regards to paint color. The master bedroom on the other hand needed some much needed TLC.

Pictures below

Dry, chipped paint and ugly ceiling fan 

No explanation necessary 

Ikea shelves placed in an awkward spot (I just placed my shoes here, wasn't concerned on how it looked as I was not by any means trying to decorate it yet. (and yes that is my build a bear hello kitty) 

Previous owners had bed facing backyard and since the wall wasn't large enough for bed and nightstands, they hung these lights. 

Facing wall 

In addition to fresh paint, we are also ripping out the old carpet in the closet, changing the light fixture (pretty crystal tiered chandelier!), new bedside lamps (need ideas), and curtains, headboard, the list could go on, but I'm stopping myself there. 

Updates are happening this week, so if you're interested in seeing the progress, be sure to check back soon! 
Xx- Jackie 

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