Monday, November 11, 2013

Over the Weekend - November 15

Started the weekend with a trip to PetsMart on Friday night. Yes, those are hamsters my husband is looking at. No, I wasn't thrilled about getting one. Oh the things you do for your kids. 
Back at home setting up "Buddy's" new cage.
The leaves and trees have already changed colors. My front crepe myrtles have gone from a beautiful purple to a gorgeous orange. I love these trees no matter what season. 

Had lunch with our favorite cousins. Major pigging out happened.
Steak and pasta
Fresh homemade pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sage sauce (Also bought some to cook at home, was that good!)
Hot pastrami with extra pickles and mustard. 
Then ended our feast with banana splits. 
Sunday I jumped the gun and took out my Christmas bins.
I mainly wanted to hang our stockings. The mantel isn't quite complete yet. I added a garland and have something in mind for the right side of the mantel, but I would say it is looking just how I want it to. 
Had to get these two items! Purple eos and how stinking cute is this donut ornament?! They also had a mint green and white but the pink donuts have always been my favorite. 

Also, Happy Veteran's Day! Hope you all had a great weekend! Still waiting on a few pieces for master bedroom makeover, so reveal post will be up soon. 

Xx - Jackie 

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