Monday, November 4, 2013

Over the weekend

Posted on my Instagram about this guy I scored on clearance at Target. Took the opportunity to cut the beautiful tea roses blooming alongside my garden and fill him up!

Then decided he looked better here.
On Saturday, we picnicked at the park, fed the ducks then went antiquing. Fell in love with this set of lamps. If only I had a place to put them. 
I am a complete sucker for cookbooks, I collect them really. One day I would love to have a wall full of cook books in my kitchen. Crazy, I know. The Jackie O book I bought for my mom. She loves her (so much that she named me after her). They were both in perfect condition, looks like they had never even been flipped through!

Baked this delicious and EASY raisin walnut bread. Only difficult part in this recipe is waiting for the bread to rise. 
A snipet of my little Fireman on Halloween the Thursday before. He had so much fun "trick or treacking" :) 

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