Thursday, July 19, 2012


These scones are so delicious! The wheat flour and oats give them a grainy bite. They would be perfect for a weekend brunch or to have in the evening with coffee. The glaze is actually my favorite part, yes it's heavy on the sweet side, but it just perfumes the scones with that maple-y scent. I had been wanting to make these scones for some time now, and so glad I finally did! (of course I won't be making them for a while because once you do, it's hard not to have just one!)

Tip when baking: set up a designated "baking area" to keep the rest of your kitchen clear. If you are like me who doesn't have the biggest kitchen, this will make things much easier. NOT PICTURED: Butter! Don't be frightened at how much butter is called for in this recipe. I was at first, but I made about 16 scones, a bit more than what the recipe called for.

As Ina Garten said in her video, this dough is extremely sticky! Just add flour though and you'll have no problem rolling it out.

Next Barefoot recipe I'd like to try, Croque Monsieur Will let you know how that goes!

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