Friday, July 6, 2012

The Running of the Bulls + Cinnamon Sangria Recipe

For a few years now, it has become a tradition every Summer to watch the running of the bulls. It's a great excuse to make ice cold sangria and eat yummy tapas. I must admit, watching these crazy people run in front of the bulls while trying to not get poked or hurt really makes me nervous.

Ouch!! Feel bad for this guy!

To make Sangria: 
Mix your favorite Spanish Tempranillo (or a Merlot will do) with Ginger ale soda, fill pitcher with ice cubes  and  add frozen peaches (or fresh peaches would be even better!), and a little more than half of a Jazz apple. Finally, dash with cinnamon powder. 

I finished off our Sangria with some Fontina Cheese, Edam, fresh strawberries and some French bread. 

Viva San Fermin! ;)

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